How Much Does a Knee Brace Cost?

How Much Does a Knee Brace Cost?

You might often wonder how much does a knee brace cost? What’s the average price for a knee brace that we commonly come across in everyday activities for sport or recovery? We have gathered some data from selected top knee brace brands in 2020 to provide you an unbiased price guide for different types of knee braces. So, you will have a clear idea of the price range as well as the benchmark price for different types of knee braces across top brands. Then you can sit back and relax with peace of mind to focus on the quality and features when choosing a knee brace.

We are aiming to provide you the price analysis about how much you needed to spend to get a quality knee brace from selected top brands or getting an affordable one from eBay to help you to search for a perfect balance between price and quality so you can find a tailored solution to protect your knees for injury recovery or sports.

The average price across five main types of knee braces from selected top brands is $83. The hinged knee brace is the most expensive type of knee brace which offers the maximum level of support for your knee with the average price at $311. Knee stabilizers/braces and supports are a cost-effective solution for moderate level of support with the average price of $81 and $56 respectively. The average costs for knee sleeves and straps are $28 and $30 respectively. They provide mild support to offer a comfortable solution to fit under clothing, and they work well for mild knee pain. Depending on the type, purpose, design and material of a knee brace, the cost of a knee brace can range from $10-$2000. The average prices for knee braces across top brands can range from $28-$311. Let's dive into more details.



We have categorized knee braces into 5 main types of knee braces: hinged braces, stabilizers/braces, supports, sleeves and straps to be covered in our price analysis. For each type of knee braces, we have researched and calculated the average price of each type of knee braces from selected top knee brace brands based on the prices from their official website.

The price analysis will provide you a better understanding of how much does each type of knee brace cost and whether their price tags are in the higher end or lower end of the market average price. Hence you can focus on the quality of the knee braces and look for the ideal balance between the price and the quality. The price analysis will be based on the prices in USD.

Hinged knee brace average price

Hinged knee braces offer the maximum level of support and the highest stability for knee ligament, which can prevent hyperextension for your knees during recovery and prevent re-injury. This type of knee brace provides maximum movement control to avoid twisting movements when you bend your knee joint. The hinged knee brace is perfect for a post-surgery recovery, contact sports or provide the highest support level of support for a weak and unstable knee.

Since hinged knee braces are specifically made to maintain knee stability while allowing your knees to bend freely. They are generally sold in a much higher price range by comparing to general-purpose knee braces. Because it is equipped with features like metal hinges and strengthened padding especially for postoperative hinged braces with an adjustable custom limits to control range of motion.

As can be seen in this following chart, the average price across selected top brands is $311 and Bauerfeind has the highest average price among the top brands because it provides some expensive but high-quality OA knee braces for medial/lateral osteoarthritis, which are designed to effectively alleviate knee pain by unloading the pressure from your knee joints.

If you are simply looking for the highest level of support for contact sports. McDavid, Shock Doctor can also provide you some cost-effective solutions for hinged knee braces. You can get a hinged knee brace with a price less than $30 from ebay but the quality can vary significantly between different suppliers and may not provide enough support or movement control for your knees.


Knee stabilizers average price

Knee stabilizers are designed to provide moderate support and more comfortable protection during exercises and sports. It offers less support in contrast with hinged knee braces but more support than sleeves and straps. Knee stabilizers will generally have metal springs on the side of braces in order to provide lateral support and compression to your knees. If you are experiencing mild or moderate knee pain, knee stabilizers are a better solution than sleeves and straps. You can wear it for various sports by having sufficient support without the heaviness from hinged knee braces.

Knee stabilizers provide a more cost-effective solution and you can wear in your daily life as long as you are not suffering form severe knee injury. Bauerfeind Genutrain knee stabilizer is perfect for active seniors who might have mild or moderate knee pain while maintaining an active lifestyle. However, it’s still relatively pricey by comparing to other top brands but it’s specially designed for osteoarthritis or degenerative knee pain.

The average price for knee stabilizers is $81 across selected top brands. Donjoy, Mcdavid, Shock Doctor and Zamst are all in a similar average price range which is close to $65. The average price for knee stabilizers on eBay is as low as $14 with limited quality and efficiency.


Knee supports average price

Knee supports provide less support for your knees by comparing to knee stabilizers and hinged knee braces. The difference between knee brace and knee support is that knee support does not have metallic rods or hinges hence less support is provided but it can allow you to have a more flexible range of motion during sports or exercises.

Knee supports are suitable for your daily activities such as walking or running, you can also wear it for various sports to improve the support for your knee ligament. Since it does not have metal springs on the side like knee stabilizer or hinges from hinged knee brace thus you will have more freedom on your knees. Knee supports can help you to feel your knees in a better way and you can tell how your knee behaves.

The average prices for knee support across top brands range from $46 to $92 with overall average price of $56. Donjoy, Mcdavid, Shock Doctor and Zamst are offering knee support prices which are quite close to $50. If you are experiencing mild patella tendonitis or simply want knee support for your daily exercise. These 4 brands are offering a broad range of knee supports for you to select.


Knee sleeves average price

Unlike knee braces or knee supports, knee sleeves are categorized as soft braces which are providing the least amount of support for your knees. The main purpose of wearing knee sleeves is injury prevention and provide compression to your knees to keep it stable during exercises and sports. Knee sleeves can help to relieve minor knee pain and improve the stabilities for your arthritis and ligament. They can also provide a flexible range of motion that is suitable for conditions like runner’s knee.

The main benefits of knee sleeves are providing compression and support to improve blood circulation around your kneecap which might reduce the healing time of your injured tissues. Knee sleeves can provide a good amount of compression while maintaining a flexible range of motion to ensure you have sufficient blood circulation around your knees and keep your knee stable during contact sports. You can enjoy the long-lasting compression and improved blood circulation that allow you to continue to actively participate in exercises or sports.

The average prices for knee sleeves across top brands are in a similar price range at $28. You can focus more on the features rather than the prices because they are in a relatively affordable price range. The highest average price is $40 from Bauerfeind and the lowest is $25 from Zamst. You can also get some good deals from eBay with the price tag around $6 as long as the material is comfortable and can provide sufficient compression.


Knee straps (patellar tendon straps) average price

Knee straps - also called patellar tendon straps are a perfect solution for people who have jumper’s knee (patellar tendonitis) or runner’s knee. Knee straps help prevent patella (kneecap) injuries by providing specific compression for your patellar tendon. These straps are specially designed to distribute the tension across the tendons around your kneecap during various sports evenly.

The average price for knee straps across selected top brands is $30 which is slightly higher than knee sleeves. Bauerfeind has the highest average price for knee straps at $50 and Zamst provides a more affordable average price at $18.

Although Bauerfeind has higher price tags for knee straps, their knee straps have an anatomical shape which can efficiently reduce pressure on the patellar tendon to resolve overload issues and relieve symptoms that are related to excessive strain.


Factors that affect knee brace price.

Please keep in mind that many different factors can affect the prices between the same or different types of knee braces. We’ve summarized a few key factors you may encounter, so you can keep it in mind when comparing knee brace prices and features.

Shipping weight

Shipping is subject to the weight of the knee brace hence the shipping cost for heavy knee braces such as hinged knee will generally be higher than soft braces like knee sleeves and knee straps unless sellers are offering free shipping for expensive knee braces.

Design/ Purpose of the knee brace:

Some knee braces are specially designed to provide medical benefits like the high-quality OA knee brace for medial/lateral osteoarthritis or severe knee injuries are much more expensive compare to the general-purpose knee braces.


Knee braces have metal spring and hinges are more expensive due to the cost of materials whereas soft knee braces like knee sleeves are made by nylon and spandex without springs or hinges are generally with more affordable price tags.


Generally speaking, you get what you pay for when you are aiming for quality knee braces from top brands. Knee braces are essential for injury recovery and injury prevention. If you are not familiar with how to choose high-quality knee braces, we would recommend you stay away from some of the cheap knee braces from eBay. You might seem to get a good deal from the money point of view but you might end up buying something that may never be able to serve the purpose and worry about getting a refund later on.

Our research saved you a lot of time for trying to understand the knee brace market from a price point of view and where it is the go-to place within your budget. At the end of the day, which brand and knee brace you should choose depends on your purpose, requirements and how much you are willing to spend. Please feel free to leave your comments below or contact us if you need help finding the right knee brace.

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