How to Build Cartilage in Knee Naturally?


How to Build Cartilage in Knee Naturally?

Did you damage your knee cartilage recently? Have you ever wondered what happens when you have no cartilage in your knee? Knee cartilage damage is a very common injury in sports. Understand the natural way to build cartilage in knee naturally can help you to prevent future knee injury, knee pain and joint inflammation.

Fortunately, a recent study shows that knee cartilage regeneration may help people to delay or avoid knee replacement surgery. Cartilage is a firm, rubbery material that protects the ends of bones in the knee joint. It helps to reduce friction in the knee joint and absorb shock in the knee joint. Knee cartilage can be damaged during exercise or gradually develops holes with wear and tear. When it reaches a stage that is no cartilage to act as a shock absorber, your knee bones will rub against each other to cause severe joint pain. Hence understand how to regrow your knee cartilage and how to protect it are two main important aspects to maintain health knee joints.

Collagen for knee cartilage healing

Do collagen supplements work to rebuild knee cartilage? The answer in short is, yes. Collagen is primarily found in various types of connective tissues around your knees such as cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bones. Collagen is one of the most important components which can contribute to cartilage repair and collagen can also stimulate cartilage regrowth. Collagen plays a vital role in supporting the growth and repair cartilage tissue over time as well as relieve joint inflammation and joint pain. Research has shown that Type 2 collagen is commonly found in knee joints, which are doing weight-bearing for your body but suffered from wear-and-tear during exercise.

Collagen Type 2 for Joint and Cartilage Support

A study in 2016 shows that collagen type 2 can help to relieve knee joint symptoms to prevent cartilage breakdown and decrease pain. The research also finds that collagen type 2 may help fight osteoarthritis. Collagen Type 2 makes up 55%-65% of the protein in cartilage and makes up to 92% of the collagen in articular cartilage.

Eating protein-rich foods on a regular basis such as chicken, beans, eggs, beef and various dairy products can be your natural collagen-boosting foods. The best collagen-boosting food we would like to recommend is the bone broth which is readily available in supermarkets or grocery stores or you can even make it yourself. Bone broth extracts collagen (including type 2) out of bones and leaving a tasty soup which is the perfect source of natural collagen type 2 supplement for your cartilage.


Collagen is also rich in amino acids that play a vital role in the rebuilding of knee cartilage and it may have anti-inflammatory effects. The quality of your cartilage will be strengthened over time by taking collagen-boosting foods along with the help of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are essential components to help your body to absorb collagen.

Collagen absorption


Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid can help you to boost collagen production in your body. Hyaluronic acid can be produced naturally in your body but the ability decreases as you age. Hence eating foods rich in vitamin C and hyaluronic acid can help to boost collagen production in your body more efficiently hence knee cartilage will be benefited.

Other preventative measures to protect your knee cartilage are also vital

Unfortunately, no matter walking or exercising, this will put wear and tear on knee cartilage. Your cartilage will lose cartilage cells and collagen matrix due to wear and tear. Although taking collagen supplements can help to strengthen and protect your knee cartilage, the ability for your body to repair or regrow cartilage declines as you age and cartilage loss is eventually inevitable.

How can you protect your knee cartilage if cartilage loss is inevitable? Whether you have to accept declining joint health? The answer is definitely not! Physical therapy or wearing knee pads can be alternative solutions to help you to reduce knee pressure. Hence it will be less wear and tear that your knee cartilage will suffer. The newly invented spring-loaded knee joint support pads can help you to reduce the pressure on your knees effectively.

Hence you can continue to maintain an active lifestyle by keep doing your favorite exercises. Low- or moderate-impact exercise can help you to improve your joint health and sports can help to maintain healthy cartilage. If you still love running or other high-impact exercises, knee joint support pads can be a perfect choice for you to cushion the impact on your knees. Its uniquely designed springs can act as a shock absorber thus less impact will apply on your knees.

The progressive decline of your knee joints after bones have stopped growing isn’t “just nature,” so accepting it should not be the only choice. By taking collagen supplements and other collagen-boosting foods e.g. green tea, Brazil nuts and olive oil can maintain healthy joints by rebuilding your knee cartilage. Along with an active lifestyle to do low- or moderate impact exercise on a regular basis are also the keys to keeping your knee cartilage healthy as you age.

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