Heating Knee Pads

Heating knee pads offer comfortable heat therapy for your knees to promote blood circulation to help your muscular pains or knee injury recovery. The size of the heating knee pad can be easily adjusted to fit all people and it will remain in place when put on.

How it Works

Your blood vessels will get bigger when heat therapy is applied to your sore joint or tired muscle. Heating knee pads are ideal to be used for heat therapy to allow more blood, oxygen and nutrient to be provided to the injuries tissues and help to promote healing. Better blood circulation also helps to relax for those stiff knee joints and leg muscles.

Heating knee pads are designed to provide low voltage and overheat protection to ensure your safety is not compromised. Heating knee pads can provide heat therapy for your knees by using built-in heating sheets powered by batteries or chargers. For electric heating knee pads, the temperature will be kept at around 100℉ after a few minutes.

Self-heating knee pads will take a longer time to reach a specific temperature. Self-heating knee pads are built with a perfect amount of tourmaline magnets that keep your bioenergetic fields at balance. Tourmaline magnets can show permanent electricity as a natural source of negative ions and far infrared rays to produce the “warm energy” that exists in the human body. The warm energy is causing a self-heating process to help relieve knee pain gently.


Heating knee pads are great for boosting blood circulation which can provide oxygen and essential nutrients to travel around knee joints and muscle. The improved blood circulation can help to heal injured muscles, relieve inflammation and stiffness around your knees. Heating knee pads can provide similar benefits from taking a warm shower or hot tub soak by offering a continuous flow of heat and enrich blood flow around your knees.

Heating knee pads are an ideal solution to help relieve knee pain. It’s convenient and portable, you can use these knee pads anywhere in your home or workplace when you are lying down in bed or sitting in the office.

Precautions and Safety Tips

Heating knee pads can provide many benefits to your knees if you are using them correctly. However, without knowing how to operate a heating pad properly can burn your skin or even electrocute you. Safety is always the number one priority on our list. We want you to be safe.

  • Only use the heating knee pads for a maximum of 20 mins per hour
  • DO NOT sleep with the heating knee pads
  • Applying a towel between your skin and heating knee pads can help to reduce the risk of burns
  • Never apply heat to an infection or fresh injury
  • DO NOT use a heating knee pad near water
  • Always start on the lowest setting then increase the temperature setting to a comfortable level
  • Use caution if you are pregnant