About Us


About PowerRebound™

PowerRebound™ supplies a range of high-quality orthopedic products, from braces, supports and compression bandages that are used to reduce weight-bearing or to assist or limit movement to allow your body part to recover, strengthen and function correctly, as well as preventing re-injury.

Our Mission

To help you prevent or recover from sports and work-related injuries with a range of high-quality braces and supports so that you can enjoy your active lifestyle without pain holding you back.

Our Customers

This map doesn’t show our customers who have purchased our products. We don’t celebrate the growth of first-time customers. We celebrate when we can find the right products and it fits well with our customers to help them get back in the game, and our first-time customers are coming back as the second and third time.

The map below shows our return customers that have shopped with us more than once. We are glad to help customs from more than 15 countries and look forward to growing our footprint globally with your continued support.

Our Repeat Customers Around The World

Global Distribution

We proudly ship to the United States and over 80 nationals worldwide. We are also available at 24/7 online.