Dance Knee Pads

Browse all our knee pads for dance to save you bruising and grazes during practice or rehearsal. Wear knee pads to protect your body when dancing and keep them in top shape for progression.


Many dancing routings include moves on the floor, wearing knee pads for dancing can be one of the best ways to protect your knees from some nasty bruises and burns so you can easily perform without limitations.

Dancing is an exciting form of performance art but it does put a lot of pressure on your knees especially for pole dancing. Dance knee pads help protect your knees from injuries caused by hitting an obstacle or falling to the ground. Wearing knee pads during pole dancing can effectively prevent your knees from the harmful effects of extended kneeling when doing an exotic flow.

Knee pads specifically made for pole dancers have emerged in recent years and gained popularity as a new way to keep dancers’ knees safe why staying stylish during practice sessions. 

Protect your knees when dancing

Dance knee pads may not be the ‘coolest’ piece of dancewear to have in class, but it helps your knees to stay bruise-less and pain-free during the training so you are able to give 110% when you need to perform.

Repetitive movements such as kneeling on hard surfaces can damage your knees when dancing. Wearing knee pads with shock-absorbing padding is necessary especially when you frequently fall to the ground during rehearsals.

Best knee pads for dancers

There are many types of knee protection on the market but most of them are big and bulky that are not suitable for dance. The best knee pads for dancing should have a slimmer profile and come with essential protection to absorb shock and it should fit perfectly and comfortably to cover your whole knee.

Ideally, the dance knee pads are machine-washable so you don’t have to hand wash them every time after practice.

The 3 key elements of best dance knee pads are:

  • Excellent padding to provide protection
  • A very comfortable and flexible design
  • The right size

How to choose the right knee pads for dancing

As a dancer, you may want and need fully functioning, healthy bodies to achieve whatever job, career path or sporting activity you choose to pursue, so finding the right knee pads to protect your knees is vital to make sure your body is cared for now.

Here is a checklist with the key features that you should consider when finding the right knee pads for dancing:

☑ Excellent padding provides cushion to help diffuse impacts common to floorwork

☑ Flexible and great for low flow moves and spins

☑ Comfortable and fits accurately according to measurements

☑ Won’t slip down even with dynamic movement

How dance knee pads should fit

  • The knee pads should be firm enough to keep them from slipping down below the knee
  • Not too tight to restrict any movement when you are dancing
  • Make sure the knee pads are long enough to cover the entire knee