Ankle Compression Support Strap

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Support weak ankle joints and relieve pain with the ankle compression support strap. Made from a combination of polyester and spandex, the material is durable and flexible for comfort and breathability. Available in four different sizes, this ankle brace is also fully adjustable, making it the ideal way to ease discomfort and prevent future injuries.

Pain Relief and Recovery from Injury

By putting compression on the tendons and muscles around the ankle and foot area, the ankle compression support strap helps to speed up the healing process and reduce swelling and inflammation. It can relieve pain caused by stiffness or strains and provide support for a weak ankle joint related to ligament sprains, bursitis and tendinitis. In addition, this support brace can also be beneficial in the treatment of minor Achilles injuries.

Wearing the support after recovery from an ankle injury could help prevent future damage and re-injury, especially when playing high-impact sports or running, hiking or jogging.

Continue to Move with Ease

The ankle compression support strap is specially designed with an open heel that provides support for the joint and tendons while leaving the ankle with a wide range of movement. This flexibility lets you continue playing the sports you love, such as basketball, football, and tennis.

Flexible and Comfortable

Choose from four different sizes based on your shoe size:

Size US Men’s Shoe Size US Women’s Shoe Size
S 3.5-6 5-7.5
M 7-8 8.5-9.5
L 8.5-11.5 10-13
XL 11.5-14 13-15.5

Each support brace is fully adjustable for a comfortable fit and the stretch material ensures your ankle and foot receive the right amount of compression without affecting blood circulation.

Whether you’re suffering from an injury or need something to support your ankle joint for exercising or playing sports, use the ankle compression support strap to relieve pain, reduce swelling and prevent further injury.