Air Gel Ankle Stirrup Brace

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Air Gel Ankle Stirrup Braces support the ankle through an anatomically contoured plastic shell, adjustable straps, and compression created with the use of air and gel bladders. The design aids in limiting movement both medially and laterally as well as stabilizing the foot.

Air Gel Ankle Stirrup Braces deliver comfortable support through adjustable compression and air gel padding. Pain is readily diminished through hot and cold therapeutic capabilities. Multi-faceted adjustability promotes comfort, superior support, and ease of use for either ankle. They are available in black or white.

Ankle Support

An ankle brace delivers stability through evenly distributed pressure. This support stems from the inclusion of adjustable straps as well as air and gel bladders. The outer plastic shell is anatomically contoured to provide stable support and comfort.

Air Gel Comfort

Air gel pads promote adjustable compression by allowing air levels to change. This combination of air and gel facilitates cold and heat therapy for pain relief.


Easily change how much compression you feel by adjusting the amount of air in gel pads. Infuse more air to increase compression and enhance support when your ankle begins to tire. Release air when your ankle begins to swell and requires a looser fit.

Adjustable Brace

Ease the discomfort felt by an injured ankle by using the cold or hot compresses included within the ankle brace. Change the temperature of gel pads by heating them in the microwave or chilling them in the freezer. The ability to wear the stirrup brace on either the right or left foot, adjustable heel strap, and two leg straps deliver a universal fit.

Reasons to Use an Ankle Stirrup Brace

Wearing an air gel ankle stirrup brace during activities minimizes injury risks. If you do experience trauma to your ankle, a stirrup brace supports it while easing discomfort.

Ankle braces can be used for a variety of physical ailments, including:

  • Inversion and eversion ankle sprains
  • Serious sports injuries
  • Post operative support of the ankle
  • Mild to moderate ankle strains and sprains

The Air Gel Ankle Stirrup Brace features a low profile designed for comfort and stability. Its anatomically designed shell restricts unwanted movement and provides the adjustability needed to achieve comfortable use. It can be used to aid in healing ankle injuries or preventing one.


1 x Air Gel Ankle Stirrup Brace

1x Air Gel Stirrup Ankle Brace Instructions Booklet