Dorsal Night Splint Adjustable Foot Drop Brace

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Keep your ankle better supported while you sleep with this Dorsal night splint adjustable foot drop brace. The prefabricated splint features a soft foam padding material construction, which provides optimal comfort during each use. Immobilizing your foot to protect against drop foot and post-static pain, this splint also holds your foot in a gentle flexion position that helps lessen the painful effects of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendons tears upon arising. The open, lightweight construction keeps your foot cool and comfortable, while the adjustable design lets you modify the straps to find your ideal stability and comfort levels.

Support from Above

The Dorsal plantar fasciitis splints support your foot from above as you rest. This construction leaves most of your foot, including your heel, uncovered, so you experience a more natural-like feel throughout your sleep-filled night.

Open, Lightweight Design

The open, lightweight design of the brace keeps your foot cool and comfortable throughout each use. So, you get a good night's sleep, then keep it on for hours after you arise to experience the cozy, supported feeling during the daytime hours, as well.

Gentle Stretching

The ankle brace features adjustable dorsiflexion straps and a heel-locking strapping system. Collectively, these pieces stabilize your injured areas, creating all-around stability that keeps you more mobile and independent as your body heals.

Prefabricated for Immediate Use

When you have an ankle or foot injury, you need a brace that comes ready for immediate use. This splint fits both the right and left foot, so it lets you adjust it to fit your specific needs in just seconds.

Multiple Symptom Support

This Dorsal night splint adjustable foot drop is specially designed to keep your foot suspended, which in turn prevents drop foot and post-static pain. It's also equipped with dorsal plantar fasciitis splints that give your heel, foot, and ankle a gentle stretch that counteracts the painful effects of torn Achilles tendons and plantar fasciitis.


Size US Men’s Shoe Size US Women’s Shoe Size
S/M 3-5 3.5-6.5
L/XL 5.5-12 7-14