Therapeutic Heating Knee Pad

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Relieve knee pain, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation with the therapeutic heating knee pad. Powered via an AC adapter or USB port, this knee pad can be worn while relaxing on the sofa, sitting at a computer or when on the move. Three heat settings let you adjust the temperature to the optimum comfort level. This knee pad is fully adjustable and designed to fit a leg circumference of up to 21 inches.

Multiple Functions

Whether you’ve suffered an injury or have stiff joints, using the therapeutic heating knee pad will help ease discomfort. It can be used to alleviate pain associated with arthritis, sprains, bursitis, strains and ACL, PCL and MCL meniscus tears and can also assist recovery after surgery.

Athletes and active individuals who put extra stress on their knees, such as runners, hikers and cyclists, will also benefit from wearing this therapeutic healing knee pad, as it will help support the knee and prevent further joint and muscle inflammation.

Two Power Sources

Powering the therapeutic heating knee pad is done via an AC adapter or USB cable. Plug it into the mains when relaxing at home or into the USB port of your laptop or computer when in the office. The charging cord is approximately 6.6 feet which lets you move around freely when connected to a socket.

Carrying around a power pack means you can also use the heating knee pad to bring relief when traveling.

Temperature Settings

The power button doubles as an indicator of the temperature level setting: red for high, white for medium and blue for low. Each power source has a different voltage output so the temperature levels for each setting will vary depending on which source you use.

AC Adapter

  • High – 158 degrees F, super hot
  • Medium – 131 degrees F, very hot
  • Low – 113 degrees F, warm

If using the high setting, it may be necessary to select a lower setting after 10 minutes, especially if you intend to use the heating knee pad for a long period of time (no more than 20 mins per hour).

USB Port on a Desktop Computer

  • High – 111.2 degrees F, hot
  • Medium – 105.8 degrees F, warm
  • Low – 100.4 degrees F, lukewarm

The therapeutic heating knee pad will heat up within five minutes, even on the hottest setting.

Adjustable Strap

Straps with hook and loop closures means you can adjust the heating knee pad to fit snuggly and comfortably. It’s intended to fit a knee circumference of up to 21 inches. Although specifically designed for the knee, the wide circumference also lets you adapt the pad for use on the calf, thigh or arm.

Cold Therapy

The therapeutic heating knee pad features a built-in mesh bag that can be used to insert an ice bag. Use hot therapy for stiffness and chronic pain and cold therapy for a recent injury and to reduce swelling.

Whether you’re suffering from knee pain, cramp, soreness or arthritis, reach for the therapeutic heating knee pad to bring relief and prevent further inflammation.

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