Tourmaline Self-Heating Knee Pads /Pair

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The tourmaline self-heating magnetic therapy knee pads can provide magnetic therapy to your knees by using static magnets to alleviate knee pain and keep your knees warm during cold weather. Magnetic therapy is popular in many countries like the US and the UK. Our tourmaline self-heating knee pads use tourmaline as the magnets for pain relief from your knee without medication and boosting overall health.

Self-heating magnetic therapy knee pads take around 5 mins to reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit by using far-infrared rays from tourmaline. The heating process can take longer than electric heating knee pads before you could feel the heat. 


  • Offer magnetic therapy and keep your knee warm to promote healing
  • Ideal for relieving muscular aches, knee injury recovery as well as joint pains
  • Made by soft and comfortable therapy fabric to be worn under clothes the whole day
  • Promote metabolism and relax your leg muscles
  • Adjustable, durable and comfortable velcro strips

How it Works?

Our self-heating magnetic therapy knee pads have been equipped with the optimum amount of tourmaline magnets to create a perfect balance in your body’s natural magnetic and electric fields. Researchers have found that ions like calcium are responsible for sending and the modulation of pain signals. All the molecules in your body have a small amount of magnetic energy in them. Sometimes the magnetic fields in your body are out of balance which can stimulate the painful feeling in your body.


Wearing self-heating magnetic therapy knee pads can help to relieve your knee pain by keeping the balance in your body’s magnetic fields.

Tourmaline is the only mineral that offers a natural source of negative ions and far-infrared rays and tourmaline can create the self-heating effect by placing it on or close to your skin to promote blood circulation.

The self-heating magnetic therapy knee pads can provide combined benefits of magnetic therapy and the natural self-heating heat in order to relieve knee pain naturally and gently.


Tourmaline is using a combination of far infrared rays and negative ions to provide a natural way for pain relief and natural healing. There are two main benefits of using knee pads with tourmaline:

  1. Provide magnetic therapy by using tourmaline as powerful magnets
  2. The health benefits of the far-infrared energy and negative ions from tourmaline

Tourmaline for magnetic therapy

Each piece of tourmaline has a north and a south pole that can generate a tiny electromagnetic field. You might not be able to perceive this energy, but the interaction between the tiny electromagnetic fields can interact with the natural magnetic fields in your body to change the way that ions like calcium to send pain signal for pain relief purpose.

By adding tourmaline in the knee pads can help heal the muscles that are strained or torn around your injured knee. 

The far-infrared energy and negative ions from tourmaline

Tourmaline can alter the bioenergetic field of the human body. The is the energy conversion of human body heat into far infrared energy. The heat occurs on the surface of the tourmaline. The smaller the tourmaline particle size, the higher amount of far infrared can be produced per gram of tourmaline to generate a self-heating process that helps for knee pain relief.

The tourmaline particles in our self-heating magnetic therapy knee pads have been chosen with the optimum size to release a comfortable amount of heat during the self-healing process. The far-infrared rays from tourmaline can penetrate your muscles to relieve the pain. Wearing tourmaline knee pads can also be beneficial for stiff and sore muscles associated with fitness and post-operative pain.

Tourmaline will also generate negative ions when it’s in contact with kinetic energy when you are exercising. Negative ions can provide many health benefits that can stimulate the formation of blood vessels to promote knee injury recovery.

The increased blood flow, higher blood oxygen levels, and can also help speed up the healing process. Negative ions can also reduce the oxidative stress in knee osteoarthritis patients and reduce inflammation.

Size and Materials


*SBR fabric is soft, waterproof and has excellent warm keeping properties


Self-heating magnetic therapy knee pads offer low-intensity static magnets, which are generally safe for most people but you are not suitable to wear magnetic therapy knee pads if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Use a pacemaker
  • Have an insulin pump

Please consult your doctor before purchasing self-heating magnetic therapy knee pads if you have any medical concerns.

What’s Included

1 x Pair (2Pcs) of Tourmaline Self-Heating Knee Pads