Adjustable Dislocated Shoulder Brace

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Manage the discomfort of a dislocated shoulder or ease the pain associated with arthritis or a rotator cuff tear with this well-made adjustable dislocated shoulder brace. The smart design of this neoprene shoulder brace makes it easy to put on and take off again, and the supportive material helps immobilize the shoulder for quick and dependable pain relief from sprains, strains and athletic injuries. By immobilizing your shoulder, you speed up the process of recovery while also staving off additional injuries in the meantime.

Breathable Material

Neoprene used in the construction of this adjustable shoulder brace makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear beneath your clothing. Neoprene is breathable, so it doesn't generate excess heat, making it ideal for daily wear to work or elsewhere.

Easy to Adjust

Getting dressed can be tough when you're nursing a dislocated shoulder. This brace's design makes it easier to put on and take off again, thanks to multiple velcro closures. The adjustable design makes finding a personalized level of comfort quick and easy, and the shoulder brace fits both left and right shoulders for versatility.

Immobilizing Comfort

Immobilizing the shoulder with this unisex adjustable shoulder brace gives tendons, muscles and other structures in the shoulder time to heal from injuries and overuse. The design of this brace allows the weight of the shoulder to be more readily born by the unaffected shoulder, easing the workload on already compromised muscles. Immobilization protects the shoulder from further or more serious injury while reducing the pain associated with tears, rips, inflammation and other injurious conditions.

Put your body on the fast track to comfort and recovery of an injured shoulder with this adjustable dislocated shoulder brace.