Adjustable Shoulder Support

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Provide instant stability, support and comfort to an injured shoulder with this adjustable shoulder brace. This innovative designed shoulder brace compresses, insulates, supports and immobilizes your shoulder, allowing injured structures within the shoulder the time they need to heal and recover, so you can get on with your life, pain free.


In the aftermath of a shoulder injury, it is important to provide stability and immobilization of the injured shoulder in order for the healing to begin and to allow for relief of pain and discomfort. This shoulder brace places the support of the shoulder on the unaffected side of the body with a long support strap, which lightens the load on muscles and tendons in the affected shoulder region. It also provides slight compress, which reduces pain-causing inflammation and increases circulation to allow for more rapid recovery.


This adjustable shoulder brace was made with your comfort in mind. The slim silhouette is discreet beneath your clothing, and the durable, lightweight neoprene material used in the brace's construction makes it breathable, flexible, and ideal for wearing all day long. A built-in ice pack holder allows you to easily incorporate ice therapy if desired.

Adjustable and Easy to Wear

Velcro closures make this shoulder brace easy to adjust to fit most shoulders, and it is designed to be put on and taken off again by the wearer without the need for assistance. The smart format of this adjustable shoulder brace allows it to work on both the left and right shoulder, and it's suitable for both men and women.

Whether you're suffering from a sports injury, dislocated AC joint, rotator cuff pain, labrum tear, sprain, strain, bursitis or tendinitis, this adjustable shoulder brace provides the soothing comfort you need to get better faster.