Medical Shoulder Support

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Protect your posture and heal from injury with this medical shoulder support. Wear the reversible medical strap during sport or while at rest to keep the shoulder correctly aligned. It's lightweight yet incredibly durable, so you can move freely without the worry of it getting loose. Whether you play football, basketball, tennis or love climbing and hiking, the shoulder support has got your back. 

Pain Relief and Shoulder Alignment

After suffering an injury, athletes usually want to get back on the field or in the game as soon as possible. The sports shoulder strap fits snugly to the wearer's anatomy to help heal shoulder sprains or shoulder pulls. Additionally, it can relieve pain associated with torn muscles, torn ligaments, arthritis and rheumatic pain.   

Lightweight Yet Durable

The strap is made from a hardwearing material, but the outer layer that's in contact with your skin is soft and comfortable. Considering the level of shoulder support you get from this medical strap, it's incredibly lightweight. It's also seamless, so you'll barely notice it while playing your favorite sport.

Adjustable Shoulder Support

This elasticated shoulder support comes in one size, and its adjustable, so it fits perfectly with the contours of the wearer's body. It uses a magnetic effect that doesn't just keep your posture and shoulder socket aligned, but it also stimulates blood flow.

Compression Therapy for Your Shoulder

The slight compression it provides promotes circulation, further helping your shoulder to heal. If you've got a big game coming up soon and you need to get better fast, the medical shoulder strap could help you. It can help to improve blood flow, keep your shoulder in the correct place and you can count on it fitting snugly,


  • Adjustable, so it fits perfectly
  • Provides compression therapy
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Helps with alignment
  • Offers pain relief

Try the Medical Shoulder Support and feel unprecedented comfort and ease of movement while being fully supported.