BNPRO Sports Jockstrap

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Protect your groin while training contact sports with the BNPRO range of sports jockstraps. Available in two sizes to suit adults and children, these groin protectors are designed to offer protection for martial artists, footballers and others who are at risk of accidental hits during games or practices.

Protection for Martial Artists

Train safely by wearing a jockstrap during your martial arts practices. Those who practice kickboxing, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts or submission grappling can protect their groin from accidental strikes by using a jockstrap during training.

With a soft strap and air holes for ventilation, this durable and comfortable jockstrap offers robust protection and maximum comfort. The exterior wipes clean and the shell can be removed for further cleaning, making it easy to maintain good hygiene.

Jockstraps for Hockey, Football and Other Sports

Fast-paced sports such as hockey, lacrosse, paintball and football are all areas where groin protection is often useful. This discrete and easy to wear jockstrap gives full freedom of movement while offering protection where it matters.

Choose from red or black styling to make your kit distinctive and easy to identify in the locker room. The protective shell has a soft latex edge, reducing chafing and offering a more comfortable kit.

Suitable for Adults or Kids

The small jockstrap is suitable for athletes with a waist size of 22.5"-28" and the large jockstrap is suitable for adults with a waist size of 28"-39.5". The waistband is designed to be wide and thick for increased comfort and a secure fit.

Choose the small BNPRO jockstrap for the young athlete in your life and help them train with confidence. This durable and comfortable jockstrap is a great choice for a young wrestler or martial artist who takes their sport seriously and requires the best in protection.


Size Waist Circumference
S 22.5"-28"
L 28"-39.5"