Decompression Back Belt

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Decompression back belts use the principle of traction to limit pressure on spinal discs. The inflatable belts use air to create negative pressure on the lower back, which may reduce pain from injuries, degenerative disc diseases, pinched nerves and arthritis.

Wear a decompression back belt with waist support to reduce pain and discomfort in your lower back. The inflatable traction belt limits pressure on the spinal discs, which may help reduce lower back pain. The design is comfortable to wear while walking, standing or sitting.

Benefit from Gentle Decompression Action

Put on this decompression belt and fill it with air to quickly reduce pressure on the nerves in your lower back. The belt holds the spine in a tall, straight position, and this takes pressure off of the discs in the lower back. It may also lessen pain from pinched nerves and degenerative disc diseases

Inflate the Belt to Your Level of Comfort

Use the included air pump and built-in gas injection device to inflate the expansion chamber after you put the belt on your waist. This gives you control over the amount of decompression. The belt adjusts from 5" high when deflated to 8" high when fully inflated, which lets you customize the fit based on your height. Quickly deflate the belt after wearing using the included deflate button for easier storage.


Adjust to Your Waist Size

Cinch the belt tight before inflating using the adjustable waist straps. It comes with an extending belt to allow further adjustment as needed.

Improve Comfort with Soft, Vented Design

This decompression back belt with waist support has 18 vents to make it breathable. These vents encourage airflow to help protect against getting too hot while wearing the belt. The inner layer is made from soft cotton material that feels comfortable while wearing.


Size Waist Circumference
Universal 45"