Heating Pad for Back Pain

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The heating pad is designed for heat therapy to relieve back pain using an effective remedy to boost blood circulation. It helps to allow nutrients and oxygen to go through muscles and joints. Your back stiffness can be relieved by improved circulation which helps to repair damaged muscles.

Heat therapy is an effective way to alleviate many types of lower back pain, it can apply heat to the sore muscles in your back. Heat therapy is more efficient when you are dealing with muscle pain or stiffness. Heat can help loosen up the sore back muscles and reduce tension to relieve the pain in the back. Heat is especially beneficial to patients with muscle spasms and back stiffness.

However, please do not use a heating pad for heat therapy if your back injury is recent because restricting blood vessels by applying cold therapy can be more effective in reducing swelling. You can switch to heat therapy after the first 24-48 hours to promote blood flow and recovery. Please seek for medical advice before applying heat therapy.

The heating pad is ideal because they are portable and convenient. You can use it anywhere in your home or at work. The heating pad can be a great solution to provide a continuous flow of heat to relieve back pain and stiffness.

Additionally, the continuous flow of heat from the heating pad can stimulate the skin’s sensory receptors to slow down transmissions of pain signals to the brain and help relieve the pain and discomfort.

Hot baths provide the moist heat but it’s difficult to maintain the water temperature. The electric heating pad provides dry heat that can absorb moisture from your body which can make the skin dehydrated. Many people feel that dry heat is convenient to apply anywhere and feel the best.

How to use:

The electric heating pad can heat up quickly and may injure your skin. Please consult your doctor first before applying heat therapy if you are pregnant. The heating pad has equipped with 6 heat settings and it has a timer with auto-shutoff (from 30mins to 2 hours).

  • Please start on the lowest heat setting then slowly increase the setting if required
  • Please use a low heat setting for minor back pain
  • It’s recommended to remove the heating pad after 20 mins to avoid burns
  • The heating pad is machine washable for easy care. Please remove the controller before putting the heating pad in the washing machine. Please ensure the heating pad is completely dry before use. Air dry only, please do not use the dryer to dry.



What’s Included

1 x Heating Pad for Back Pain with control

1 x AC Adapter

1 x User Manual