Medical Back Brace with Lumbar Waist Support

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Medical back braces limit movement, such as twisting or bending, so the muscles and ligaments can heal after an injury. They also provide support to relieve tension on the muscles during exercise and day-to-day activities.

Support your lower back while healing after an injury using this medical back brace with lumbar waist support. The rubber bone interior helps lessen lower back strain, with a flexible design for your comfort. Some benefits of this brace include:

  • Added stability to your lower back improves posture, which may reduce the risk of future injury
  • Compression to help speed healing after an injury
  • Support for the lumbar area to reduce lower back stress
  • Better distribution of strain in the lower back, which may allow you to lift more easily

Speed Healing Through Compression and Support

Wrap your lower back tightly to encourage healing after an injury. The brace features double compression waist training technology to create strong support, and this may reduce inflammation in the injured lower back area. The extra stability from the lumbar support bar takes tension off of injured muscles.

Improve Comfort with Breathable Design

This medical back brace has a supportive neoprene back panel with vented elastic side panels to make the brace breathable. The back panel naturally heats to deliver warmth and compression to the lumbar area. The side panels create airflow to keep you cool.

Add Support to Reduce Risk of Further Injury

Adding support before working out or heavy lifting lets you reduce the strain on your lower back, which may reduce the risk of future back injuries. The rubber boning inside this brace gives you that important support without overly restricting movement, so you can workout or head to the job with less movement limitation.

Use Quick-fastening Design for Easy Wearing

Put on the medical back brace with lumbar support easily using the adjustable elastic side straps and quick fastening straps. These design features let you customize the fit.


Size Waist Circumference
S 23.5"-33.5"
M 33.5"-37.5"
L 37.5"-41"
XL 41"-45"
XXL 45"-49"