PowerRebound Rolling Knee Pads

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No more crawling during floor works with this 360° Rolling Knee Pads!

The best rolling knee pads on the market for flooring professionals!

  • PowerRebound™ introduce a whole new level of knee pads.
  • Tapered Gel Pad
  • High Load Bearing Per Caster
  • Lightweight construction
  • Hook and Loop (one strap)
  • Close to the ground design minimizes back stress
  • Mobile Base allows for full 360 turn radius capability without lifting from the floor
  • Individual rolling knee pads allow for more balance, flexibility and mobility
  • Goes from Blade to Kneepad in the push of a button
  • Wheels allow you to glide from wall to wall in a minimal amount of time.
  • Comes in a piece or a pair of two

The knee blade design lets you move around, FAST. But not out of control, maintain full mobility and control with these rolling knee pads. They give you maximum comfort and the ability to use wheels or to not use the wheels. Detach the wheelbase easily to have them be just normal pro knee pads.

Suitable for any flooring job that requires a lot of kneeling: for tiling professionals, flooring professionals, construction workers, builders, maintenance workers, painters, all types of installers, gardeners, homeowners, auto workers etc.

Kit includes: 

  • Durable, 3 wheel base with knee pad attachments and Velstretch strap secured to pads.
  • Injection-molded pads made from black glass resin-filled poly carb: makes them able to handle day-to-day usage and hard working conditions.
  • Designed to achieve max balance & mobility


Rolling knee pads are designed for any job where you need to be on your knees, bending over for a long time. The high-quality rolling knee pads allow for more balance, flexibility, and mobility. The three-wheeled mobile base allows for full 360° turning capability, without lifting from the floor. The close to the ground design minimizes back stress. With the push of a button, you can go from knee blade to kneepad.

Tapered Gel Pads

  • Displace your weight easily and naturally have less pressure on your knees. It fits your knee contours perfectly and effortlessly

1 Strap Allows For Easy Hook & Loop

  • Secure rolling knee pads comfortably with less tension on the back of your knee
  • Easily put them on or take them off

Lightweight Build

  • Durable, lightweight nylon built for all tough jobs and environments
  • Each blade weighs 3.5 lbs (1.6kg) - very light weight

Durable Casters

  • Non-marring casters
  • 80 lbs. per caster - Great load rating

 Rolling Knee Pads Usage

  • For tilers
  • For wood floor installations
  • Carpet installations
  • Perfect for all concrete and masonry work
  • Kneeling over and paining low to the ground
  • Construction Work
  • Auto Detailing and Maintenance
  • Shelf stocking
  • Yard Clean-Up and Gardening


Adjustable straps
Safety Apparel Product Type
Knee Pads
Closure style
Safety Features
Knee protection
Color Family
Rebound red
Shell material
Non marring
One size fits all
Pad material
Slip Resistant Surface
Product Weight (lb.)
6.8 lb
Swivel cap