Protective Elbow Pads

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Protect your elbows during sports and activities with the protective elbow pads. The lightweight fabric and sponge padding safeguard athletes against injury from a strike or fall. Hockey players, skateboarders, skiers, wrestlers and cyclists all benefit from wearing elbow pads while they play.

Learn more about the protective elbow pads:

  • What should I look for in elbow pads?
  • What size elbow pads should I get?
  • How do you measure for elbow pads?
  • What do elbow pads do?

What Should I Look for in Elbow Pads?

Look for elbow pads that provide a good range of motion. Protective elbow pads cup the elbow gently without twisting or sliding on your arm. They also protect the upper arm and forearm on either side of the elbow to deflect shocks and blows away from the joint.

What Size Elbow Pads Should I Get?

Our sizes range from small to extra-large, and the size chart recommends sizes based on the desired upper circumference of elbow joint and weight of the wearer. For example, the upper circumference for small protective elbow pads is 8"-10" and suitable for players weighing up to 88 pounds, while XL elbow pads measure 14"-16" and fit wearers weighing more than 121 pounds.

Size Upper Circumference of Elbow Joint
S 8˝-10˝
M 10˝-12˝
L 12˝-14˝
XL 14˝-16˝

What Do Elbow Pads Do?

Elbow pads are padded to protect your elbows against injury during sports or activities where you need to shield your elbows from strikes and blows. protective elbow pads have durable sponge pads that absorb shock and help prevent elbow injury. If your elbow is recovering from an injury, wearing an elbow pad can prevent additional damage.

The nylon and spandex material let your skins breathe and stretches when you move so you can still play hard.

Order Protective Elbow Pads Today

Designed for men and women, the sleek black sleeves complement any uniform or practice gear. Order protective elbow pads today to keep your arms safe during sports and job-related activities.