Self-Heating Knee Supports (with Replaceable Thermal Pads) /Pair

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The tourmaline self-heating knee supports come with two replaceable thermal pads. The self-heating magnetic pad can cause self-heating process to keep your knees warm and the coral velvet pad can be useful if you want to wear these knee supports for a longer time without the self-heating function e.g. when you are sleeping.

Each self-heating knee support has been built with 6pcs of self-heating magnets to cause the self-heating process by using far-infrared rays for joint pain relief. Wearing the self-heating knee supports can provide a natural way to get your knee joints to start moving before exercising. These self-heating knee supports provide heat therapy to your knees and help relax stiff joints.


  • Made by high-quality SBR neoprene to insulate the heat and keep your knees warm
  • One size fits all – made by smooth and elastic material which can extend easily
  • Provide heat treatments to loosen stiff joints and relieve achy leg muscles
  • Replaceable thermal pads can allow you to change the thermal pad to suit different purposes

How it Works?

Your blood vessels will get bigger when your sore joint or tired muscle is warming up. These self-heating knee supports can allow more blood, oxygen to be supplied to the injured tissues around the knee joint.



What’s Included

1 x Pair (2Pcs) of Self-Heating Knee Supports

2 x Replaceable Thermal Pads